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We share our profits between all users

We are developers oriented on consumer electronic devices. All our ideas will be realised by Xiaomi Inc as company with good reputation on Woldwide market. We work with Xiaomi developing division as independent agents. All our Ideas financing by crowdfunding site. where we marked as Xiaomi partners. When we sell our products, the part of profits shares distributing between all our site members by using mass payment option on PayPal platform.

We need Your support and we pay back!

We create new products

Build blocks, change theme colors, edit titles, manage widgets and see the results of the changes in real time. Make some pretty unique site designs without touching any code.

We share profits between all of us

Because we pay back for Your support! Your content will automatically adapt to any screen size and look perfectly on all devices. Extend the boundaries of your web presence, create a website with full mobile support.

Just Sign UP and be in team

Install the theme in several clicks and start editing it with a help of a handy WordPress Customizer or use a very user-friendly built-in visual page builder.

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11 Feb
Probe from front

Get the ultimate project manager for WordPress now and get all your projects on track. With ...

3D Visualisation Designer

For visualisation of Xiaomi Mission-X concept smartwatch.

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Xiaomi Mission-X Concept

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10 Feb
Hello world!

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