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A community is needed to meet the challenges of authors of ideas, developers and manufacturers. Our resource will facilitate the work of authors of ideas by taking on organizational tasks. On this resource you can create a group of developers and lead your projects. The community has a legal entity, a company in Europe, on behalf of which developers submit their projects on a crowdfunding platform for fundraising. Our company will enter into a partnership agreement with Xiaomi Inc on the production of our prototypes. The received goods will be distributed to stores and sold on behalf of our company. All profit from sales will be distributed among all participants in the project and guarantees, as an independent person, the fulfillment of all clauses of the contract. Profit distribution between all registered users of the network is made by the masspayment system to the indicated numbers of your wallets. If you have an idea and you want to implement it, then this resource is for you. The rights to everything published on the site belong to the authors of the publications. Our resource will always support its participants in all their endeavors and uphold their rights.